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This white and gold summer dress has been crafted from a traditional Kerala cotton sari sourced from the South of India. It is known as a Kasavu Sari or Mundum Neriyathum and is the oldest remnant of the ancient form of the sari which covered only the lower part of the body.

This boho style dress has inverted pleats till the waist which gives the wearer a slim appearance along with shape. It is made of lightweight cotton, has full sleeves and a matching white lining. The dress has a deep round neck in the front and back and the sleeves feature woven details in gold with floral motifs on the cuff.

The length of this dress is 35- 37".

Please note: The fabric used to make this dress is sourced responsibly from weavers in Balaramapuram, Kerala due to which motifs on the cuff vary with every dress making each piece unique.