About Us



Mogra is a travel inspired clothing label for the free spirit.

We believe that the best things are made by hand and can be found in every lane of every town within every state of India. That's why, we climb mountains, change buses, hail rickshaws, maneuver markets, take trains and drive far and wide to handpick the best crafts & textiles India has to offer.




Someone once said, "the world is a book and those who don't travel, read only a page"…and, we're avid readers. 

We quit our jobs. To travel. To create. To reinvent.

From comfortable corporate swirling chairs to back breaking train benches, we traded in the security cards for baggage tags and quickly realized it was ergonomic for our souls.

In the two years since our conception, we've journeyed to different parts of the country to source traditional fabrics from India's famous and lesser known craft clusters. We've flown to Gujarat and Kerala, jumped on a train around Maharasthra and road tripped to Bagh and Bagru. We've also created bonds with craftsmen in corners we haven't explored yet and our fabrics travel to us from Bhuj, Varanasi, Hyderabad, Mangalagiri in Andhra Pradesh and Madurai in Tamil Nadu.

Our clothes travel too.

We ship worldwide and are proud that women of different ethnicities around the world can travel to India through their wardrobes. From Japan, Johannesburg, Spain, Argentina, California and Texas to Bangkok, Moscow, Greece, Rio, France and London, we're happy to be coloring the map rani pink!



mogra designs


There are many more mouthwatering foods in every state in India than there are crafts and it would be a sin not to keep our tummies full.

From enormous thalis in Gujarat and spicy meats paired with a side of forts in Rajasthan to leafy coconut Sadyas accompanied with lazy toddies in Kerala and intoxicating jalebis in Indore, we've gained as many inches on our waist as stamps on those baggage tags.



mogra designs block printing


At Mogra, we handpick all our materials (even linings, threads & buttons), which is why we personally get to know all our weavers, printers, embroiderers, vendors and tailors. We also try to involve ourselves in as many craft and tailoring processes we can, from block printing to weaving and sewing.

By knowing how all our fabrics are made, we are able get you the best quality clothing with magical stories woven into them.



mogra designs


Responsible sourcing, quality, our artisans, employees and you come first which is why we ensure that every piece is crafted using fine quality textiles bought directly from craftspeople at a fair rate set by them.

Our employees are well compensated above market standards so that every piece is made with love and all our fabrics are responsibly bought, handcrafted, traditional and/or locally sourced.