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This dress is crafted from silk hand tie-dyed Bandhani fabric that takes months to hand tie and dye by women in Gujarat. The fabric is first tied in intricate patterns and then dyed a single colour after which it is retied and re-dyed adding the next color to the cloth.

The inside tier is crafted from cotton and cut in a circular style which gives it a beautiful flare and allows it to hang loosely on the body. The dress has 3/4 sleeves and a v-neck.

This boho style dress features crisscross tie-ups on both sides. The upper bandhani fabric is attached only till the armholes allowing it to sit separately on the dress.

The length of this dress is 40 inches.

Please note: This fabric used to make this dress is completely handmade due to which there may be some variations in the pattern and color which lends to the exclusivity of the item. Each dress is unique and the pattern on each dress will be different.