"...not all those who wander are lost"

Mogra is a travel + crafts label founded in June 2014. Our vision is to journey along India, collecting memories, photographs and crafts that are indigenous to our land. We want to tell stories like they’ve never been heard before; about the over-exploited
block prints of Rajasthan and why the original is so much better, about Banjaran women and how they sew magical things in tiny rooms, about the significance of each piece of mirror worked into the Lambadi tribe’s costume, about the freedom of Khadi and about the tiny lanes in Banaras where God is present is each strand of silk; but most of all, we want to make people travel through their wardrobes.

Every piece made by Mogra carries with it generations of hand-me-down skills that artisans have perfected through decades of practice. Each piece has been painstaking crafted and all fabrics are responsibly sourced.