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This cropped jacket is crafted from a handwoven Rabari or nomadic shawl. This shawl takes approximately 3 days to weave from a wool blend. After being woven, it is then beautifully hand embroidered by women of the tribe. This intricate embroidery is done using threads and tiny mirrors with the help of needles and tweezers.

The jacket has a round neck with embroidery on the shoulders in the front, the sleeves and in the center of the back. The entire jacket is made from a single shawl and the sleeves are finished with tiny handmade tassels. It is open in the front and does not have a lining.

This shawl has been sourced from Bhujodi Village in Bhuj, Gujarat where nomadic tribes hand weave shawls and blankets for their community. The "Vankars" are the weavers of Kutch who travelled from Rajasthan centuries ago picking up and spreading weaving and embroidery traditions along the way. This village is also known as the village of weavers because of the settlers and the songs of warp meeting weft that linger in the air.

Please note - this jacket does not have a lining and the embroidery threads are visible on the inside. This is done to protect the original method in which the Rabari tribal women embroidered the fabric and as proof of it's handmade nature.

Due to the handmade nature of this item, the colours on the sleeve, tassels and embroidery will vary. The embroidery on each jacket is different and unique.